We are the pioneer in the Safety Match Industry in India since 1963. Our brand
“CATS” is well recognized in India for its consistent quality for decades.
Wax matches emerged in India in the early ’80s and we are proud that, we
were one of the few early entrants into the wax match industry.
Each brand is recognized on various parameters like sales volume, Quality,
Value for money, availability, trust, etc. But, when it comes to “CATS” we are
recognized for our consistent quality.
In life, we all would have come across several circumstances where we would have been recommended to adapt to a healthier lifestyle! But amazingly, nobody knows the key to it. We started our journey in finding the route to a healthier lifestyle, came across various concepts and reached our final destination at “Naturopathy” Which has great health promotive, disease defensive and therapeutic as well as restorative potential.
Good Food is the Key to Good Health!
Oil plays a major role when it comes to Healthy Food.
Good Health = Good Food = Good Oil
Our journey in search of Good Health and Oil achieved with the

Our Vision

CHETTYZ aims at making the world healthier and a happier place to live in.

Our prime purpose is serving people. So, achieving big sales targets or capitalizing the market is secondary to us.

Oil is an inherent part of every cuisine. Usually, it is only the type and proportion that varies. Using oil that is of high quality can transform your relationship with food and make it meaningful. Adding this meaning to your food is our vision.

5 Reasons Why CHETTYZ Will Make You Healthier
1. Cold Pressed Oil Extraction Method:
We at CHETTYZ adopt cold pressed oil extraction method which produces oil of high quality and preserves its flavor.
You can indulge in your favourite foods without quilt!
2. Good Quality Seeds - Cleaned & Sun-dried:
We place this at the heart of our process. The seeds are meticulously cleaned and sun dried for two days to bring out the best in them.
3. No Filtration and No Preservatives:
We champion the use of pure products and hence completely avoid preservatives in any form which means we are pro natural all the way! The market is dominated currently by refined oil that contains unhealthy amount of preservatives.
4. Goodbye to Cholesterol:
CHETTYZ oils is by nature cholesterol free and does not contain any harmful solvents.
5. Return On Investment:
Your investment on CHETTYZ oils promises you with 'Good Health' which is priceless!

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