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We are the pioneer in the Safety Match Industry in India since 1963. Our brand “CATS” is well recognized in India for its consistent quality for decades. Wax matches emerged in India in the early ’80s and we are proud that, we were one of the few early entrants into the wax match industry. Each brand is recognized on various parameters like sales volume, Quality, Value for money, availability, trust, etc. But, when it comes to “CATS” we are recognized for our consistent quality.
CHETTYZ Groundnut Oil: "The Deep Fry King"
• Best For Deep Fry
• Good For Stir Fry
• Ultimate Choice For Tiffin Recipes
• Use CHETTYZ Groundnut Oil And Say "Goodbye" To Your Guilt For Deep Fried Foods!

CHETTYZ Sesame Oil: "The Black Gold"
• Gift Yourself With A Guilt Free Lunch Spread With CHETTYZ Sesame Oil
• Suits Best For Making Pickles
• Good For luscious Long Hair
• Good For medicinal Purpose And A Pain Reliever
• CHETTYZ Sesame Oil Applied To Body Under Sunlight Increases Vitamin D in the Body

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